This event occurs when processing an item is complete.
Additional parameters :

  • string Recipient, recipient reference, provided during job submission
  • string Address, recipient address, provided during job submission
  • string UD1, User defined Field 1, provided during job submission
  • string UD2, User defined Field 2, provided during job submission
  • string UD3, User defined Field 3, provided during job submission
  • string UD4, User defined Field 4, provided during job submission
  • string UD5, User defined Field 5, provided during job submission
  • string Disposition, transmission result for this recipient  { SENT, FAIL }
  • int Attempts, total number of attempts
  • string Outcome, Final Error Class { A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, Z}
  • string Outcomes, Successive attempts error classes
  • int Status, Internal error code
  • int SentUnits, Number of sent pages, sent SMS or email bytes dependig on media
  • string FirstDateTime, Date and time of first attempt
  • string FinishDateTime, Date and time of last attempt
  • int BaudRate, Transmission speed (for fax only)
  • byte FaxResCode, Fax resolution used during transmission :  { LOW = 0, HIGH = 1}
  • double Calltime, Call duration (For fax and voice).
  • string AnswerBack, Response ( FAX CSID or MX server name, AMD result :  {HUMAN, MACHINE, UNKNOWN})
  • string Tid, customer Tracking ID provided during job submission
EndOfItem example
 "Recipient": "Test",  
 "Address": "33612345678",  
 "UD1": "",  
 "UD2": "",  
 "UD3": "",  
 "UD4": "",  
 "UD5": "",  
 "Disposition": "Sent",  
 "Attempts": 1,  
 "Outcome": "S",  
 "Outcomes": "S",  
 "Status": "0",  
 "SentUnits": "1",  
 "FirstDateTime": "\/Date(1419358560810)\/",  
 "FinishDateTime": "\/Date(1419358560810)\/",  
 "BaudRate": 0,  
 "FaxResCode": 0,  
 "Calltime": 0,  
 "AnswerBack": "",  
 "Tid": ""