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After sending messages, you might want to save in your system the transmission result of each recipient.

We created a workflow “Get transmission reports (Pull way)” that allows you to simply get those transmission results in 3 steps, get the transmission reports listget transmission report file and delete transmission report file. This basic functionnality illustrate the third step.

After downloading the transmission report file and saving the data, you might want to delete the transmission report file. After that step the report will not be accessible from the transmission reports list. This can be usefull if you do not want to treat the report again.

This web service will delete the transmision report file chosen from our services. You will not be able to access those even from our customer portal.

Request Informations

Name: /HostedReportFiles/{jobid}.xls


Name Value
Authorization Value : Authorization token check : Connect to REST API
Content-Type Value : application/json


Parameters list:

Parameter Type Description
fileName String File name and extension (JobId.xls).
Delete transmission report file

Delete /api/V1/HostedReportFiles/27472157.xls HTTP/1.1
Host: {URL}
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic EncodedLogin

Successful Response

Status : 200

Parameter Type Description

Error Response

If the file was already deleted or is not yet created, you might get HTTP 404 error.

Parameter Type Description
Code Integer Code error associated.
Message String message associated.
Error Response

  "Code": 40401,
  "Message": "File 27472157 does not exist"