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We created a postman collection based on samples described on the section Basic functionnalities. Using this collection, you can easily test our basic functionalities and export these samples as a code snippets in several language.

Download the last version

The last Docoon Postman collection is available here : Docoon Rest samples V1.0.

What is postman ?

Postman is a powerful GUI platform to make API development faster & easier. You can build API request, test and create testing scenario.

More information and download the app :

Import Docoon collection in Postman

After installing Postman and downloading the last Version of our Postman collections.

Select Import => Import File and add the donwloaded collection Odyssey_Rest_Samples.postman_collection.json.

We created a set of global variables for authentication, customerNumber and datas you can get from API response.

To import those click on and select “edit” next to the title “Globals”.

Choose “Bulk Edit” and copy the following :

Auth:Basic NTUxMDIxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Replace the “Auth” value by your own Auth data. This value will be used by all API as authentication value.

  • Change the “CustomerNumber” value by the one given by Docoon (5 numbers id). This value is used for sending only.
  • The global value “jobNumber” can be left empty. When creating a sending, it will be fill by the value returned by the WS, and used to get job report, detail or summary.
  • The global value “hostedDocument” can be left empty, it will be fill when getting the list of document or list hosted in your account.

Use the collection

We created samples for each basic functionnalities described in the documentation and parted into different directories.

1 – Send Messages

In this directory, you will find all the samples illustrated in the pages Send a SMS, Send an Email, Send a Fax or Send a Voice message. Don’t forget to modify the documents/AdhocRecipients/List before creating a job.

2 – Get transmission reports (Pool Way)

You might want to check the transmission result of your sending, we worked on 2 workflows for that matter, the first one describe here, allows you to manage all information in your system with : get transmission reports listget transmission report file or delete transmission report file.

3 – Get transmission reports (Real time Way)

The second workflow, described here, show you how to get the get all your job summaries with some filters. We created various sample to represents most of the filters available. Second step is to get recipients transmission results of the job. Here too, we created various sample to represents most of the filters available.

4 – Received SMS

If you want access your received SMS using various filters, you will find some answers in this directory.

5 – Received Fax

Deal with your Received Faxes, get the get received faxes list, get received fax file and delete received fax file.