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If you have fax numbers configured on the Docoon platform, please follow the workflow “Manage Received Fax”.

This workflow allow you to manage your received faxes in 3 steps, first get received Faxes list, get received Fax file and delete receied Fax file from our system. This basic functionnality illustrate the third step.

To delete a specific received Fax file you must have the folder name and the the received Fax file name, you cand find these informations in the response illustrate in the first step.

Sending request Informations

Name: /InboundFolders/{folderName}/HostedInboundFiles/{FileName.pdf}


Name Value
Authorization Value : Authorization token check : Connect to REST API
Content-Type Value : application/json


Parameters list:

Parameter Type Description
folderName int Folder name, usually the inbound phone number is used as a name (Find the folderName).
fileName int Name of the file + extension (Find the fileName).
Delete received Fax file
DELETE /api/V1/InboundFolders/13429XXXX/HostedInboundFiles/0-20170711-0714-1126279.PDF HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic NjAzMDAuY


Successful Response

Status : 200

Response is a list of Report object.

Report object


Parameter Type Description

Error Response

If the file was already deleted or is not yet created, you might get HTTP 404 error.

Status: 404: File not found

Parameter Type Description
Code Integer Associated error code.
Message String Associated massage.
Error Response
 "Code": 40401,
 "Message": "File 0-20170724-0749-1135087.PDF does not exist"