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The main action you can do with Docoon REST API is send a Job. Whatever the media, to send a Job you should transmit a request that contains all mandatory job informations :

After receiving a sending job request, Docoon REST API returns immediately a unique Job Number and prepare to send messages to recipients. The sending is asynchrone and is not done when you receive the ID. The status of the job will change while we send recipients and prepare the end of the job. When the job status is affected to “finished”, you will be able to get the transmission detail.

Look at the details of the job request for SMS job, Email Job or Fax Job.

We highly recommend you to save the JobID in your system and associate it to your user sending.
If you need to send a large number of jobs in one day (more than 1000), please try to group your jobs with the same message. There are specific workarround for each media, please contact us to find the best solution for your needs.

Workflow for Message Sending

Next step Get the transmission report

There are several ways to retrieve job transmission reports:

  • The first way is called “Pull”. The Pull consists of creating a program that will interrogate the Docoon REST API at regular intervals to obtain all transmission reports generated during the interval. This program must be independent of the sendings trigger program. The interval must be determined based on the criticality of your sendings. We recommend a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 24 hours. You can found the worflow description here.
  • The second way is called “Push”. The Push consists of notifying an URL as soon as a transmission report is available. One push is generated by sending. The URL must point to your servers and be able to process a POST in JSON format. To activated this way, please contact us.