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After sending messages, you might want to save in your system the transmission result of each recipient.

We created a workflow “Get transmission reports (Pull way)” that allows you to simply get those transmission results in 3 steps, get the transmission reports listget transmission report file and delete transmission report file. This basic functionnality illustrate the first step.

When a job is finished on the Docoon system, a transmission report is generated and is put at your disposal. The transmission report is an excel file by default (we can set on demand a CSV file). This functionnality returns the list of the transmission report were generated at the end of the job and that was not deleted.

Request Informations

Name: /HostedReportFiles
Type: GET


Name Value
Authorization Value : Authorization token check : Connect to REST API
Content-Type Value : application/json


Parameters list:

Parameter Type Description
Get transmission reports list
GET /api/V1/HostedReportFiles HTTP/1.1
Host: {URL}
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic EncodedLogin

Successful Response

Status : 200

Response is a list of Report object

Report object

Parameter Type Description
Name String File name and extension (JobId.xls).
CreationDateTime String

First creation time of the report.

Example : 2016-12-06T07:20:38.7870548+01:00.

LastModificationDateTime String

Last modification time of the report.

Example : 2016-12-06T07:20:37.583+01:00.

Size Integer Size in byte of the report.
Successful Response
   "Name": "27472157.xls",
   "CreationDateTime": "2016-12-06T07:20:38.7870548+01:00",
   "LastModificationDateTime": "2016-12-06T07:20:37.583+01:00",
   "Size": 56832 
   "Name": "35124775.xls",
   "CreationDateTime": "2017-03-01T01:31:31.9406132+01:00",
   "LastModificationDateTime": "2017-03-01T01:31:31.483+01:00",
   "Size": 136704